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We understand that confidentiality is of the utmost importance to all of the attorneys that we work with. SDL Legal values and respects this fact as a top priority. That is why we will never share any of our candidate's information with anyone or present a candidate's resume to any firm without your permission beforehand. 

Making a career change may seem like a difficult task. However, working with an experienced legal recruiter with a proven track record of success, such as SDL Legal, can make the process seamless. We accomplish this by working very closely with each of our candidates throughout the entire recruiting process in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly. From our initial contact with you, throughout interviewing, to receiving an offer and starting in your new and exciting position, we are with our candidates every step of the way.  

SDL Legal works closely, and very confidentially, with every attorney in order to fully understand what each candidate is seeking in their next position. Attorneys decide to make a change and explore new opportunities for a variety of reasons. Some examples include: lack of quality work or not being able to work on matters of interest at your current firm, lack of quality mentoring, work has slowed down, not being able to grow your practice effectively or perhaps you realize that your current firm may not be the best fit for your long-term career objectives. Whatever the reason is, SDL legal has the necessary experience and resources to assist you in accomplishing your goals. 

Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

SDL Legal has spent many years establishing and cultivating relationships with law firms in virtually every major city located throughout the United States. With our wide-ranging, extensive network of established contacts located throughout the country, we are able to identify the top legal opportunities which are currently available, many of which are never found online or posted on any website. Let SDL Legal open up doors to new and exciting positions that you were never aware were even available but in fact are.

Nationwide Network of Contacts

With long-term, established contacts located throughout the United States, SDL Legal is always aware of the top opportunities that are currently available in the legal industry. No matter what city you are located in, we can easily assist you in securing a new position.

for attorneys considering a new opportunity

for law firms looking for the top attorneys

Law firms routinely call upon the expertise of SDL Legal in order to locate premier attorneys who not only have specific skill sets but who also have a strong desire and passion to take their career to a much higher level. SDL Legal works very closely with its clients in order to identify those attorneys who are current and future leaders in their respective areas of practice. 

When a client contacts us and expresses a need for a specific type of attorney, we take the necessary time to listen to all of the required qualifications and attributes our clients are looking for. We understand that no two positions are exactly alike and that each position is unique in its own way.

Unlike other search firms, SDL Legal does not post ads on the internet in the hopes of attracting potential candidates. SDL Legal takes a proactive recruiting approach when sourcing candidates. With over a decade of legal recruiting experience, we know exactly where the most qualified candidates are located before personally reaching out to each attorney in order to discuss an opportunity in detail. 

Our clients expect the best and we pride ourselves on our proven ability to consistently uncover the top talent in the legal industry time and time again. 

Proven Track Record of Success

That's the bottom line. We continually deliver the results that our candidates and client firms expect from us. With over a decade of successful legal recruiting experience, SDL Legal is able to consistently remain a leader in the legal recruiting industry.